Vaporizer Pens: Types and Benefits

Vaporizer pens or vape pens are tiny gadgets, almost the size of a pen, that are used to vaporize cannabis oil. Most models vaporize cannabis oil but some can vaporize flowers. There are 3 major categories of vaporizer pens:

E-liquid vaporizer

This is simply the most common form of vaporizer pen. It is used to vaporize e-juice, also called e-liquid. E-liquid is available in a wide range of flavors and consists of flavors, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. The ability to choose your flavor as well as level of nicotine has made vape pens extremely popular. Visit website here to know more. 

Dry herb vaporizer

Depending on the kind of vaporizer pen you buy, you can be able to vaporize dry herbs. For centuries, dry herbs are been used for medicinal purposes, meditation, and relaxation. Specific herbs and flowers may be dried, crushed and then loaded into the vape pen. The herbs are then heated to release essential oils (the vapor), which you can inhale.

Concentrates (wax and oil) vaporizer

Oils and wax are concentrated, which means you only need a very little amount to achieve the same effect. You can use a wax pen interchangeably with oils or e-liquid. Wax and oil vape pens are usually not used to vaporize dry herbs. However, some newer models have new technology which allows the use of herbs. They have a separate chamber that you can switch to depending on what substance you're vaping.

Benefits of vaporizers

Ease of use--Vaporizers are convenient and easy to use. A single charge may last weeks, and depending how frequently you use the vape pen, no matches or lighters are required. All you have to do is draw and enjoy.

Healthier--Vaporizer pens are known to be a healthier option for smoking because oils are heated until just before combustion, letting you inhale pure vapor minus the toxins available in smoke.

Discreet--Vaporizer pens are less odorous and more discreet than cigarettes. Similarly, they're a great option if you want to have a quick puff on the go. With the popularity of e-cigarettes, another positive about vape pens is that they look just like e-cigarettes.

Economical-These pens can also be a cost-effective way to take your medicine as one filled cartridge may be used hundreds of times.

All in all, vaporizer pens provide a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. They are available everywhere and when shopping, you just have to look around to find one that's best for you. Check out this blog post on filling vape pens for additional information. 

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